Friday Night Parting Shot: Raica Oliveira

Raica_2Not really into the 2006 World Cup as much as we are here at Wicked Chops Poker? Just don’t get the rest of the world’s obsession with soccer? Well, for this week’s Friday Night Parting Shot, we thought we’d find some common ground for all those who get it and don’t by showcasing the real draw of this World Cup, the WAGs. No, we’re not talking about the Washington Area Girls Soccer league, sicko. We’re talking about the Wives And Girlfriends of professional soccer players. They’ve been garnering more media attention in Germany for laying out by the hotel pool than their husbands and boyfriends have for their play on the field. And for good reason. Because when it comes to the wives and girlfriends of athletes, they simply don’t get any better than the girls hitched to the guys who kick balls for a living.

And there’s one who recently caught our attention. Well, actually there’s been more than one, but for this very second we’re talking about just one and that is Raica Oliveira. Oliveira is a 5’11”, 22-year-old Brazilian supermodel with gorgeous brown eyes who somewhat resembles Halle Berry, but like we said she’s Brazilian, so she’s exponentially hotter than Berry and doesn’t have 6 toes like Berry. Oliveira happens to be the latest girlfriend of Brazil’s superstar striker Ronaldo, who notably tied Gerd Muller as the all-time World Cup goal scorer on Thursday but that’s all we’re going to say about that pudgy, lucky ass, blistered-foot soccer player who pulls more leg off the field than he does on the field, if that even makes sense. So just how hot is Oliveira? Well when she was 15, the Brazilian beauty beat out 30,000 other Brazilian girls to win the Brazil Elite Model Look contest in Brazil. Did we mention this was in Brazil?

More pics of Oliveria, and as a bonus, another member of the WAGS, Ilary Blasi, after the jump…

The first five are Raica. The last three are Ilary. If you care about names.



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  1. Jen Leo

    June 24, 2006 10:09 am, Reply

    For those that DO want more cool info about the World Cup, my friends are working tirelessly on the World Cup Blog in Germany. They have a blogger for every country’s team. There are pics, live blogging, videos and more.
    Check it out! You can even BET via their site!

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