Friday Night Parting Shot: Vikki Blows

Vikkiblows1When it comes to girls, we like the hot freaky ones the best, and 19-year-old Brit chick Vikki Blows is about as hot and freaky as they come.

A 5’2″, black-haired, pierced-all-over, inked up sex pistol who’s dropped the top for every men’s mag in the UK over the past year, Blows is the Sid Vicious of British glam models who has been swindling eyes away from Keeley Hazell with titillating photo spreads that make even our OWCPG come across like a prude spinster.

We could tell you more about Miss Blows but she sums herself up best on her MySpace page:

Vikki Blows IS my real name
Im 19 years old i live in essex
no I dont own any white stilitoes , oh ok maybe 1 pair
I get my tiitys out 4 a living, its alright
i do this as i am too lazy to get a proper job 😉
my heart is set on world domination
this absoultely must happen
In fact i wont stop til it does
I have 9 pierceings and 4 tattoos, i do plan on getting more
I like talking about the weather and other such things
Im obsessive, compulsive and i hate germs
I wash my hands way too much
my birthday is the 30th december
Flakey is the best way to describe me
Trouble comes to mind 2 😉
Cunt is a good word, one of my favs in fact
I am learning to play the guitar
By this I mean, i have puchased a guitar and it is in the corner of my room, collecting dust.
I dont Drink or do Drugs, I have the odd cigarette now and then tho
Im a bit of a dickhead sometimes
I spend most of my time doing Nothing , im not complaining
im very shy
i wish i could dress up like a pin up girl everyday
Contrary to my myspace page, I hate talking about myself
Im nothing like you think i am.

Add to the above the fact that she has “The Bucket” by Kings of Leon playing on her MySpace page and Blows just may be the perfect woman . . . that you’d never take home to mom.

After the jump, more photos of Vikki Blows and links to pages you’ll want to wait until your home from work to visit.

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Vikki Blows photo page




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