Friday Night Parting Shot: Yesica Toscanini

Yesica_toscanini_top20-year-old Argentinian model, Yesica Toscanini, who happens to have the same birthdate as WCP’s very own Snake (with just 15 a few years separating the two), joins the ever growing ranks of Friday Night Parting Shot Girls with unusual names, including last week’s Ariadne Artiles and past girls like Olga Kurylenko and Doutzen Kroes. And while it looks like we’re purposely looking for girls who possess both rare beauty and a rare name that’s not so easy to pronounce, it’s just that most of the girls we’ve been digging lately happen to be foreign girls from places we like to call “West of America” and “Below America,” and apparently a part of being from these places that are not America is having some non American name that is foreign to us.

By the way, another thing all these girls have in common, besides unusual names, is that they are all significantly hotter than model/poker hater Gisele Bundchen, who also happens to be foreign (she’s from Below America). Seriously, why is Gisele so much more famous than Yesica, Ariadne, Olga and Doutzen?

Ok, we just remembered why Gisele is so famous.

You can see more of Yesica, who we’ll just call Jessica for now on to keep it American, after the jump. Also be sure to check out Jessica’s 2006 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue page here.




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