From 2 Smoking Barrels to a Revolver

Revolver1Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was brilliant, Snatch was pretty good and Swept Away was, to put it kindly, the disastrous result of a man refusing to say no to both his new bride and a really bad idea. Thankfully, Brit director/Madonna hubby Guy Ritchie is back at what he does best, writing and directing gritty, gambling/gangster films of the kind they now make video games about (see The Getaway). With his latest film Revolver, Ritchie teams up again with Snatch and Lock, Stock star Jason Statham for a caper about a hotshot cardplayer who becomes a marked man after going heads up against a crime boss (played by Ray Liotta). Yes, it certainly sounds a lot like the premise for Lock, Stock but from viewing the just released trailer, Ritchie’s typical madcap mix of rough and tough Brits–from hardcore hustlers to halfwit hooligans and murderous mobsters– seems to hold its own here.


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  1. iPod

    June 1, 2005 5:45 pm, Reply

    Did one of you actually watch Swept Away? I really hope not, that would be like getting a high flush only to have it beaten by someone who flopped a straight flush.

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