Full Tilt Fully Stacked

Full Tilt is representing strong in this year’s WSOP Main EventMike "the Mouth" Matusow continued his steady ascension yesterday, and he now sits with the overall chip lead (5,140,000) going into Day 6.  The Mouth appears focused and has avoided one of those "Matusow Moments" that, in the past, has sent him in a downward spiral to the rail.

Right behind Matusow is prohibitive favorite Phil Ivey with 4,635,000.  Steven Dannenmann is third with 4,300,000, followed by Tex Barch (3,900,000) and defending champ, Greg Raymer (3,840,000).  A few spots behind him in eight is Scott Lazar (3,025,000).  Check out Pokerwire.com for full chip counts.

Play was stopped after the field whittled down to 27.  Action moves to Binion’s Horseshoe Casino today.  New tables have been assigned, and cards will be dealt at 3pm (PST). 

Matusow is the overwhelming big stack at his new table today.  The closest person to him is Brad Kondracki, who has nearly two million fewer chips (3,160,000).  Tiffany Williamson, the lone female remaining, sits next to Kondracki, but with a significantly smaller clay fortress (1,125,000). 

Phil Ivey, Greg Raymer, and Tim Phan (down to 1,575,000) will let chips fly at a sure-fire, fire-away aggressive table.  Raymer has position on Ivey at the table, and it will be interesting to see how these two ultra-competitive pros play their cards. 

Steven Dannenmann and Tex Barch occupy the most evenly stacked table, along with Minh Ly (2,050,000). 

So while the table match-up everyone wants to see, Matusow vs. Raymer, is still on hold, the way both are playing, it appears inevitable.  And if it does, expect one of them to fully go on tilt before it’s done.


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