Full Tilt Poker Branding All Over UFC Stars’ Behinds

Full Tilt Poker is really getting behind MMA fighters…

When we were first introduced to mixed martial arts we didn't quite get it as it just seemed like a bunch of half-naked sweaty dudes pinning each other in positions with their junk in each other's faces.

But once you get past that, it blows boxing away and it satisfies the occasional bloodlust. So while watching fights, we've been interested to see the likes of Randy Couture, Mike Swick, and Josh Koscheck donning Full Tilt Poker logos lately.

We were on-hand to speak with Forrest Griffin the day after he won the UFC Light Heavyweight title and was put in the WSOP Main Event by FTP. So there is some precedent for getting involved with MMA stars.

Since the Entities are all about judging books by their covers, not giving the benefit of the doubt, and drawing conclusions, we can only surmise this trend will continue as Poker Stars markets heavily to people who don't speak U.S. American while Tilt shores up the base by targeting the "like" demographic that MMA represents to poker.

Or maybe FTP management just likes fighting and has some extra bones to throw around. Whatever. Hey look over there! It's Danielle Lloyd only wearing a Santa cap and stockings!

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