Full Tilt Poker Busts Chris “BluffMagCV” Vaughn for Cheating

Sorel_mizziLast month, Chris Vaughn, an employee at Bluff Magazine, captured the Full Tilt Poker $1M Guaranteed Tournament and Poker Stars $1M Guaranteed on consecutive weekends.

This week, FTP stripped Vaughn of his title and winnings, as they believe online poker phenom Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi (seen pitting it out at the 2007 WSOP in our photo at right) took over his account during the later stages of the event to take down the tourney. Sorel had already been knocked out of the same tournament.

The latest online poker dramabomb blew up on 2+2 after Soren Kongsgaard, a Euro pro who was runner-up in the Full Tilt event, posted that FTP sent him an email stating that he would be awarded first-place money as he was "among the victims of one player using more than one Full Tilt account in the tournament."

Read Kongsgaard’s full post and ensuing thread here.

More developments in this story are expected in the next few days.

Read more about the scandal here and here. Read what Vaughn had to say about his wins on Poker News here.

Mizzi vaguely responded to the Full Tilt cheating allegations this morning on the Pocket Fives forum, saying:

“As far as the situation with FTP goes I hope that everyone can understand the intense scrutiny that I am under and be respectful and patient at this time. I currently am in the process of finalizing a formal interview with a major media outlet to explain the situation that has been discussed. Please understand that it would be impossible to address everyone’s questions/comments by responding to each one individually. Obviously, I am doing this interview so that I can hopefully answer all of your collective questions and concerns.
I am hopeful the interview will take place this weekend, but it will certainly be as soon as possible. I promise to be fully open and honest about the situation.

Read his entire response and ensuing forum banter here.


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  1. Mariealena Calabrese

    May 7, 2008 10:53 am, Reply

    Hi. recently it was brought to my attention that someone with the user name “Baddputtytat” has been stealing my articles (which I write for Neverwinpoker.com) and trying to pass them off as their own. After I confronted them via E-mail with this situation they added my name to the articles with a bunch of libelous paragraphs to describe me :)
    I have contacted blog.com’s support department to have my articles removed, and have not received any response as of April 22nd. I thought that you should know that “she” (which I believe to be a young male) is also stealing others’ articles as well, including this one. Of course, you were not given credit for writing it.
    I’m not really sure if you care to address the situation, but I thought I’d bring it to your attention anyway. It could very well be that by the time you read this comment they will have given you credit. I did check the links in the paragraphs, and none of them lead to this site. Like I said perhaps that will all be resolved by the time you actually read this.

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