Full Tilt Poker Civil Amendment Link Dump

Full Tilt Poker has been all over the mainstream media–from the front page of CNN to the front cover of the Wall Street Journal. Here’s a list of the latest news (as well as Tom Dwan in the above FOX News interview) on the company.

:: Sacrebleu! French investors are looking to acquire Full Tilt? [link]

:: Full Tilt’s lawyers claim the company was not, in fact, a global ponzi scheme. [link]

:: Tilt Board member Rafe Furst issues a public statement about the civil charges levied against him. [link]

:: A writer for the New Yorker reflects on his time with Chris Ferguson. [link]

:: Tilt employees in Dublin are being kept in the dark. [link]

:: iGaming is reporting that Tilt’s license will be revoked from the AGCC. [link]

:: Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) has to give back all of his Tilt campaign donations. [link]

:: Tilt wants you to sign a petition so the AGCC doesn’t revoke their license. [link]

:: Gus Hansen says he thought Tilt was an “oiled and well-running business machine” before 4/15. [link]

:: FTP claims it is not a “global ponzi scheme.”TM [link]

We’ll add more links to this post as new stories hit…


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