Full Tilt Poker Relaunches, All Is Forgiven

After 18 long, often absurd months, Full Tilt Poker relaunched today.

As (we) expected, the poker public has been pretty forgiving of the site. According to PokerScout, at post-time (midnight Tuesday), Tilt has just over 5,000 players and peaked at 14,773 for the day.

At those numbers, Tilt is already re-established as the number 2 poker site in the world.

So all is forgiven.

Next up: U.S. Americans getting their money back.

Tilt basically appears to be a slimmed down version of its old self. Gone is the bloat of over 220 sponsored pros (to date, only Gus Hansen and Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan of the old guard remain, and Viktor ‘isildur1′ Blom has joined the team). Gone is 1/2 of the liquidity base (i.e. U.S. Americans). Gone are the awesome commercials (as witnessed by the less-than-awesome spot above).

But hey, Tilt is back. It may not be better than ever, but certainly it’s better than nothing.


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