Gavin Smith Goes for WSOP-C Rincon Title

GavinsmithOne thing you’ve gotta respect about World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOP-C) events, they sure do pick the most desirable destinations on the planet to stage their tournaments. Grand Cayman, Iceland, Ibiza, Rincon, Indiana, Reno. If there’s a hot spot in global travel, the WSOP-C finds it.

Actually, Rincon is in San Diego, which is a great city. But Rincon itself sounds like some sort of foot fungus. "Damn my foot itches." "You been walking around the locker room bare foot?" "Yeah. I think I got a bad case of Rincon."

Locker room?

Anyway, FOWCP Gavin Smith is among the final table-ist at the WSOP-C Rincon. Gavin is middle-stacked around 197,500. He trails 21 year-old chip leader Edward Sabat, who is stacked at 854,000. Also at the final table is Lee Watkinson (337,000).

Get full final table chip counts at Poker News here.

* Photo also from Poker News.

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