Gavin Smith Guns for Second WPT Title; Kathy Liebert, A Woman, Goes for #1

All of our experiences with heavy drinking led to positives things in life. It magically turned slightly unattractive girls into dime models and helped us beat up guys twice our size with the help of about a dozen of our fraternity brothers. It was like some mystical beauty pill and liquid spinach all rolled up into one.

So hearing stories about good things happening when you’re not drinking barely even computes to us, but apparently Gavin Smith is breaking the mold here. He’s like a sober Lewis & Clark.

Gavin had a good late run at the WPT North American Poker Championship (ironically being held in Canada), chipping up to 2,815,000. That’s good for second overall going into final table play. For those keeping tabs at home, this makes Gavin’s fourth WPT final table, and he’s the only one of the remaining six with a win (the Mirage Poker Showdown in ’05).

Gavin, who is focused (see below) and our official pick to win it, only trails fellow Canadian Glen Witmer, who is making his first WPT final table, and at 67 years old, let’s face it, could be his last. Witmer is stacked at 3,710,000.

The rest of the final table is filled out by Canadian Ryan "gotskillz" Fisler at 2,285,000, Canadian Marc Karam at 1,850,000, the sole U.S. American, Kathy Liebert, a woman, at 1,620,000, and Canadian fire-fighter James Trenholm at 1,365,000.


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  1. Sidge

    October 17, 2008 8:04 am, Reply

    Again – do I need to send you a map to show that Canada is indeed located withing North America? If it was actually called “The Canadian Poker Championship” Americans would get lost because they don’t know where it is!

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