Gavin Smith Has Joe Sebok’s Initials Tattooed On His Body

Gavin Smith hasn’t so much "owned" Joe Sebok in’s Prop Bets as he "hasn’t even remotely owned" Joe Sebok on’s Prop Bets.

As Gavin has put it, "Joe is younger than me. Smarter than me. In better shape than me. I don’t stand a chance."

Now, as a constant reminder of the above, he’s got Sebok’s initials tattooed on him. Unfortunately, or actually, fortunately, the tat, which was inked on at Shawn Sheikhan’s Diversity parlor, didn’t make its way on Gavin’s ass. No one would really have wanted to see that. Since the Five Star World Poker Classic is going on, Joe relented, instead opting to have the tattoo strategically placed on Gavin’s shoulder. Gavin can now comfortably play in the 5 Star all week. Watch below.


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