Gavin Smith to Get Joe Sebok’s Initials Tatt’d on His Keister

Gavinsmith1_2Our RawVegas.tvProp Bet” heroes are both out at the LAPC with Gavin Smith busting first right before the dinner break and Joe Sebok, who started the day as chipleader, hitting the rail four hours later after turning a Queen high flush and getting it all-in on fifth only to be up against JC Tran’s rivered full house.

While Sebok had high hopes at the LAPC and is no doubt disappointed to walk away empty-handed, it sure beats walking away with an unwelcomed tatt on his ass. That dis-honor goes to the last longer loser, Gavin Smith, who will now be getting Sebok’s initials permanently inked on his keister, an act that the cameras may or may not want to capture for posterior-ity purposes.

1214510143_l_1With Sebok and Smith both out, the story at the LAPC is no longer about whose ass is going to get inked but who will walk away with the $2,429,970 first place cash. JC Tran, one of the best tournament players around, both live and online, is sitting nicely at the top of the count with $543,700 (pic of Tran teeing it up, for no good reason other than it’s not a poker pic). Online phenom and occasional blogger, Alan “Bodog Ari” Engel, is stacked near the top with $280,000. The youngin’ wins online tournaments at and elsewhere like it’s his job, because it is. He has yet to make a final table though in a major live tournament, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t pulling for him here.

Read on after the jump. It’s a blast!

Other big names starting Day Three over the $100k mark include Can Kim Hua ($227,100), Chau Giang ($224,200), Joe “Sounds Too Close to Tehran” Tehan ($207,500), Paul Wasicka ($165,700), Prahlad Friedman ($164,200), Nam Le ($160,300), Ed Moncada ($152,600), Barry Greenstein ($125,600), Ted Forrest ($115,700) and Kristy “A Woman” Gazes ($109,900).

Jamieandleysers_21_1Worth noting, Crispin “Slappy” Leyser (seen here with pal Jamie G.) is still in, stacked at $87,400. A cash here for the ex-litigant would be his first cash in a major buy-in event since the lawsuit. Or ever.

Keep posted of all the action at the LAPC today at’s live reporting page. They’re doing a bang up job, for the lack of a better idiom.

Also head over to for updates and to be hypnotized by Lizzie Harrison‘s __________ (rhymes with “kleavage”). Anyone got an age confirmation on Ms. Harrison before we say more?



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