Gavin Smith vs. Joe Sebok: The LAPC Ass-Tattoo’ing Last Longer Prop Bet

Over the years, we’ve tattooed a number of things on our collective asses: "Live free or die." "Poop comes out of here." A Groucho Marx face. The lyrics to "Silent Lucidity."

Now replace all of the preceding with "nothing," and somewhere in between lies the truth.*

One thing we certainly wouldn’t put on our ass: someone else’s name.

That’s why we love Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok.

In Part I of their latest Prop Bets, filmed last month at the WPT LAPC, Smith and Sebok put more than money on the line. They put their pride. See who gets their ass tatt’d (or read our posts from last month) on

*New favorite saying…for the next couple of days at least.


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