Gavin Smith vs. Phil Laak Marshmellow Prop Bet

As we walked up to the WPT Bellagio Cup IV for a brief Rio getaway, we were immediately whisked outside.

"Dude, Gavin Smith is about to take on a Phil Laak prop bet. Newhizzle has Gav. Tilly has her bf."

"Is he going to jump into the Bellagio fountains naked during a show for $50k?"

"Uhh…no, more like he’s going to stuff 15 marshmellows in his mouth in 150 seconds for $500."

In related news, Javed Abrahams has the chip lead now with 521k. The prop bet participants are stacked at: Gavin Smith (270k), Mark Newhouse (146k), Phil Laak (107,500), Jennifer Tilly (155k).

Results below.


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