Gavin Smith Wins LAPC Main Event Last Longer Prop Bet

Being short-stacked probably never felt so good for Gavin Smith.

463 of the starting 745 made it to Day 2 of the 2010 WPT LAPC Main Event. Gavin Smith ranks 462nd in chips.

However, he out-lasted Joe Sebok and 9/11 conspiracist/rapper Jeff Madsen in their last longer prop bet. So sometime in the next couple of weeks, Joe Sebok with get both Gavin and Madsen’s faces inked on his body, and Madsen will get Smith’s mug somewhere on his skin. More to come on this later.

The 745 entrants is among the largest WPT fields in recent memory (BJ…?) creating a first place prize of $1,788,001. Masaaki Kagawa sounds like a really cool and sleek Japanese motorcycle is the Day 1 chip leader with 124,575. He’s followed by Mark Seif with 122,025.

Get full chip counts here. Watch the above and below the fold vids for everyone’s take on the tat prop bet. And let us know what you think of new tourney web host Jacque.




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  1. kosh

    February 27, 2010 8:11 pm, Reply

    Joe Seebok LOL – “We looked for the dumbest person we could find, that’s Jeff Madsen.” :)

    Jaque is really cute. I had to LOL @ 2+2’s NVGtards saying she’s “nothing special”. Yeah if special means Keeley Hazell then maybe that’s true… just wait ’till those kids move out of mommy and daddy’s basement and try to find a real live girlfriend – their definition of “special” will change in a hurry… :)

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