Getting the “Led” Out

JuanlediveySomehow, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, and Howard Lederer (three of the top names left in the field) drew the same table (Lederer was moved there).  Somehow, this was NOT the featured table (that still belongs to Mike Matusow). 

When you have three big guns like Ivey, Juanda, and Lederer, shots will be fired, and hot lead will take someone down. 

LedereroutAnd Howard Lederer was the first to get whacked.  He was done in by Full Tilt buddy John Juanda.  Poor guy, probably never saw it coming.  It’s always your good buddy pulling the trigger too. 

Or a pre-flop all in A-K vs. A-J, with a King hitting on the flop. 

Juanda has been moving up in chip count, taking a few hits on Phil Ivey.  With two hyper-aggresive players like Ivey and Juanda fighting over pots, there will be causilities.  Juanda is getting the best of it right now, moving up to 950,000. 

Greg Raymer is still the chip leader, with 1.5 million.  Mike the Mouth is up to 864,000. Phil Ivey is down to a half mill. 


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  1. snake

    July 12, 2005 6:37 pm, Reply

    It’s dinner break and Mouth is now up to Raymer heights with just short of a million and a half in chips. On a roll like you wouldn’t believe though is Farzad “Freddy” Bonyadi who’s now at Raymer’s table and looking to be sitting with around 1.86 million. He’ll present a major challenge for Raymer now that he’s the lead at the table. Tim Phan is roaring back after taking some blows early on . . . he’s over the million and a half mark while Phil Ivey looks to be below a million but not by much. Rod Pardey, Jr. is hanging in there although nowhere like yesterday. He’s about 250 shy of a million. John Juanda is a major threat for anyone sitting at his table as he’s stacking 1.2 million in chips. Average chip stack is just under 600k and 103 remain, 9 of which will take home at least one million dollars.

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