Ghostface Killah Launches Online Poker Site…Finally


It was March 2005. Chops, Snake, and the man who calls himself "the Addict," as well as the long-since-forgotten-about Tim Bangs were sitting around, talking about all things poker just days before the official launch of Wicked Chops Poker. It was a pleasant time. Poker wasn’t even at the height of its boom. Children could safely play in the streets in any town in America without fear of abduction. No one locked their doors at night. No one had ever even heard of al-Qaeda yet.

As we sat there, we debated amongst ourselves, "Which member of the Wu-Tang Clan will open an online poker site first?"

It was heated.

The Addict threw his hat in the ring for ODB, not knowing that Dirt McGirt was already pushing daisies.

Chops thought it’d be RZA, since he was kind of the ringleader anyway. Snake disagreed, mostly cause he’s an ex-lawyer and likes to disagree. And Tim Bangs…he didn’t really have an opinion.

Then…like a ton of bricks…it hit us all. The answer was sooooooo obvious. So clear.

Ghostface Killah! Seriously, how could it NOT be?

It took nearly two full years, but Ghostface Killah made the outcome of our fictitious debate come true.

The hip hop star has FINALLY launched, a site where "hip hop plays hold’em."

Ghostface couldn’t have possibly timed the launch of any better, as the legislative environment in the U.S. has never been more favorable to launching online gaming ventures. And as Ja Rule’s Stars on Poker online site continues to crush PokerStars and all other competitors, market conditions have definitely proved there is more than enough pie for two hip hop themed poker sites to feast on.

In related news, Ghostface will soon be opening a liquor store that sells booze to anyone who enters, regardless if they’re 21 or not, and plans to launch Ghostface Railroad Travel Company Ya’ll, since, says Ghostface, "Rail travel is the wave of the future!"


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  1. snake

    February 16, 2007 10:22 am, Reply

    Our buddy Luda’s got our backs as far as Ghostface goes and Ja Rule’s a lil girl. We’re more concerned about getting bitch slapped by Leyser in week when we’re in LA.

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