Ginnies, Jews Among Early Chip Leaders

Matzo_pizzaFive hours into Day 1a play at the 2007 WSOP, the chip leader board is filled with people who like meatballs and matzah balls.

Among the big stacks is legendary online player Brock "tsoprano" Parker at over 90k. Other big stacks include Abe Mosseri (65k), Irv Gotti who for the purpose of this post may be Italian or Jewish (64k), Salomon Cohen (64k), Mike Epstein (43.5k), and Barry Greenstein (41.5k). Christopher Columbus, Moses, Abraham, Enrico Fermi, and a slice of pepperoni pizza are among other notable stacks.

For our readers who speak Canadian, head over to for all your 2007 WSOP results and this year’s WSOP schedule. For a video of a beaver go here.


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