Girl on Girl: Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh

The below is WCP contributor Michele Lewis‘ latest interview in her "Girl on Girl" series at the WSOP. Stay tuned for more interviews with some of the coolest, hottest girls in poker. Check out Michele’s blog at

Poker player Jennifer Jennicide LeighJennifer “Jennicide” Leigh has been a favorite on and off the poker table. She’s sweet and social with a firm opinion on women’s bodies. No, get those naughty thoughts out of your mind… she’s not referring to her recent appearance in Playboy but actually how strongly she feels that women need to be comfortable with eating and having curves rather than starving themselves.

Leigh admits she played poker 24/7 when she first started because she “wanted to try and learn as much as I could.” However, her attendance at the 2008 WSOP remains to be seen. Her experience of traveling the circuit… often presented tiring situations even when she cashed. She hasn’t ruled out the WSOP completely for there are people, places and things she loves in Las Vegas; however, she’s enjoying a balanced life at home focusing on her time with friends and family.

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Michele Lewis: Have you been playing much this past year?

Jennifer Leigh: This year? No, kind of tapped out.

Jen2_3ML: Tapped out or just needed a break?

JL: I wouldn’t say it was certainly a break… it’s just when the odds are against you… you know when to stop playing. I can’t say I’ve played at my full capabilities because I’ve always been preoccupied with many other things going on (this year). I don’t think I would be able to fully play poker at my A+ game… sometimes you don’t always play your best and it depends on everything going on in you, your environment and lifestyle…

ML: Have you been playing Warcraft?

JL: Recently… I haven’t played at all but I did just get the Wii fit.

ML: I thought I would master Guitar Hero in like… a week. Then I would go play with Evelyn Ng… but after I was booed off stage three times I was like… screw this… I suck.

JL: Ha-ha. Everybody I grew up around… they’re artists… songwriters, singers and fortunately I kind of know a thing or two about a real guitar. …I think I stopped playing guitar because my fingers starting getting sore.

ML: My arms were sore. That’s probably why Evelyn Ng has great arms.

JL: [laughing] Honestly, no matter what Evelyn does… she doesn’t have to do anything that’s the thing (meaning Ng always looks good).

ML: That would be awesome if some guy asked “hey, do you work out?” And she said “Oh no, I just play a lot of Guitar Hero.” So, when you’re single…

JL: My love life is usually complex. I’m picky, I don’t like assholes but that’s usually my picker.

ML: I have some friends that would say your picker is broken.

JL: Well, sometimes I view things in heart-shaped glasses or rose tint… I like to see the good in even the assholes but sometimes… an asshole is just an asshole and you can’t do anything about it. [She laughs].

ML: You’re an optimist

JL: I’m kind of a little bit of everything… kind of pessimistic, optimistic, kind of level-headed… depends on how I wake up… fortunately we’re blessed with emotions…

ML: Just use my line: “The glass is not half full and it’s not half empty, it’s just half a glass…I’m a realist.”

JL: [She jokes] Yeah, and if you’re drinking then its emptying and if you’re filling it up… then it’s filling…

ML: Or spilling, the beauty of liquid… it changes shape. Matter.

JL: Right, so if it’s half empty or half full its still matter.

JennicideML: The air matters, pun intended. So I guess it’s always full.

This is the part where we laugh at our ridiculous conversation.

ML: OK, let’s talk about Playboy.

JL: It was a wonderful way for me to go.

ML: Has it changed your life?

JL: It’s actually life changing. There’s never a better way to go than… go naked…

ML: You mentioned stalkers before… has that been a factor?

JL: Well, I had that before. If you’re going to have stalkers then you’re going to have stalkers. I mean… you know.

ML: Yep. So, I talked to you in… I think April and you were going on the road to promote your appearance in Playboy.

JL: I was supposed to be, that’s what was written in the contract… I had a radio tour.

ML: And it fell through?

JL: Yeah.

ML: That sucks. Did you do any promoting?

JL: I did satellite radio.

ML: Several people have asked “Where is Jennicide… is she coming to the WSOP?”

JL: I’d like to but… I used to buy myself into every tournament… and if you cash you celebrate and pay for everyone… and it kind of gets a little old and I’m tired of it. I decided… just stick with business and the people that I take care of are the people that have known me…

Jennicide_poker_playerML: What’s on your business agenda?

JL: I’m launching a clothing line… it’s called Jayel brand, which is a nickname given to me when I was little.

ML: Cool, when does it launch?

JL: Very soon. It’s going to be designed for women and also for men. It’s going to be something that I personally know women like to wear and single moms; I have a lot of friends that are single moms.

ML: Is it lingerie?

JL: I would design lingerie for men… that would be funny. But it won’t be just lingerie that would just be… being sexist, you know?

Well, Ms. Leigh we hope we get to see your smiling face at the WSOP this year. If not, then let us know when we can slip into your new threads!

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