Girl On Girl: Michele Lewis Interviews Vanessa Rousso

The following is WCP contributor Michele Lewis' latest interview in her "Girl on Girl" series featuring interviews with some of the hottest girls in poker.

Vanessa Rousso isn’t just hot, she’s smokin’ hot, looks hot in a bikini and lately… she’s tournament hot. Well, hot if you consider defeating poker legends Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu all in one weekend.  Seriously, how many people can say that?  Not to mention her recent WPT seventh place finish, GoDaddy commercial and some random magazine men like called Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Just to beat anyone to the punch, Rousso isn’t running around claiming to be a model.  In fact, she’s quick to admit that the Sports Illustrated Issue was intimidating as hell, especially when given three weeks to get in shape.  Furthermore, Rousso has no problem talking about the PokerStars bikini spot, as she’s happy to see poker being viewed more as a sport.

Besides, let’s be honest… it’s not really a big deal she was in Sports Illustrated because female poker players and the girlfriends/wives of male poker players are always asked to pose for the Swimsuit Edition. Ok, not really.  Point being, someone asked her vs. asking a poker playing celebrity like… Paris Hilton.  So, with Rousso sizzling up the poker scene, I got her to confess her alma mater, latest streak (like a Frank the Tank streak) and as I always ask… who she thinks is hot.

Michele Lewis:  Vanessa, so far this year you’ve been in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, signed a deal with, still a star player on team PokerStars and won second in the NBC National Heads-Up Championship.  That’s great and all, but come on… you must be ecstatic to be the new Girl on Girl… woman.  So, how does it feel? 

Vanessa Russo: 
Uh-huh, it's my birthday…oh yea…uh huhhhhh (I'm doing a little dance but you can't see it, which is prolly a good thing)!

Lewis:  Trust me, with the things going on in your life… I’m dancing with you.  In fact, I would wake up every morning; look in the mirror and say, "I’m the woman who won second to Huck Seed at the NBC Heads-Up Championship which is cool… But I'm also the woman who beat poker legends Doyle, Ivey and Negreanu, muah ha ha ha ha."  That would make a great PokerStars commercial.  Maybe tie in a little line from the men like “I was beat by Vanessa.”

Rousso: Ha! That's funny…something tells me Doyle's Room and Full Tilt might not be down with Doyle and Ivey taking part though. :(

Lewis:   Good point, PokerStars can just make t-shirts that say, “I was beat by Vanessa Rousso and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” 

Rousso:  It would be funny if I made Chad [Brown] wear one of those…tell you what, if you make it, I will!

Lewis:  I think I will be making some shirts tonight. There are rumors that you’re not just a pretty face but also smart.  Did you attend college?

Rousso:  Yes…I don't know if Wicked Chops Poker knows this…but I went to Duke. 😉

Lewis:  Wow, a Duke degree is impressive. You’re always very professional in your interviews (which you probably learned at Duke) but… is there a wild and silly side of Vanessa? 

Rousso:  Definitely.  Just last week, I streaked through a casino yelling something about aggressive calling and going to Duke…did I mention that I went to Duke?
   Ha, I don’t know what’s crazier… you streaking in a Casino or that a woman went to Duke.    Speaking of crazy, somehow in the past few months, I’ve managed to label WCP as Sexy Pigs (I think they added sexy).  That being said, do you think WCP are sexy pigs? 

WCP are the sexiest bunch of pigs I've ever seen!

Lewis:  They will be flattered to learn that a hot chick from Duke called them sexy.

Rousso:  Did you mention to them that I went to Duke?

Lewis: Not yet, I’m going to surprise them.  So, I usually ask women who they think is the hottest guy in poker with the exception of women dating, hanging or married to a poker player. So Vanessa, who do you think is the second hottest guy in poker? 

Rousso:  Well, behind Chad I will have to go with Patrik Antonius.  He is very handsome–and his wife is drop dead gorgeous.  When their baby grows up, they'll probably use it to start some kind of superior race.

Lewis:  Ha, that’s funny. Maya Antonius is definitely good-looking. Believe it or not, you’re pretty much the first to name Patrik Antonius as the hottest. Because technically, Schoenberg described Patrik as “alright” even though she added something about him having a chiseled, dreamy model look. And the hottest female in poker?

Rousso:  I think Shannon Elizabeth is beautiful–but I'm not sure if that counts as 'in poker' since she is an actress.  Erica Schoenberg would probably be the hottest poker chic then in my opinion.

All kidding aside, it’s nice to see Rousso achieving so much in poker these days.  She is definitely a positive influence on the game and a good example of how to conduct oneself in the public eye.  Special thanks to Vanessa for showing us a bit of her sassy side.  Read more of the Vanessa Rousso Girl on Girl interview in the May issue of Bluff Magazine.

Now I’m off to make some lousy t-shirts…


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