Girls in Bikinis Dancing at Tao Beach Also Makes for a Good Post

With poker hottie Liz Lieu‘s interview and Andrea Tiede going heads-up with Playboy bunny Holly Madison, today seems like it’s just one big on-going tribute to the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran‘s first bracelet win.

So let’s keep that trend going with the premiere webisode of this season’s Denise’s Endless Summer.

Host of our The Toke and Playboy model herself, Denise Pernula has a knack for finding places where hot girls wear nothing and shake their ass in Las Vegas. This week’s stop: Tao Beach.

While it might not be as over-the-top-fall-of-Western-civilization as Rehab, it ain’t bad either.

VIDEO: Tao Beach in Las Vegas


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