Girls with Big Boobs, Booties Knock Poker from Lycos Top 10 for 1st time in 2 Years

Lindsay Lohan has bigger breasts than pokerLycos, a search engine used back in the 20th century by very few people, is reporting today that the term “poker” has dropped from its Top 10 Internet searches for the week ending Feb. 23, 2008. This is the first time poker has not been in the Top 10 in nearly two years.

Topping the list was our favorite sex addict Lindsay Lohan, who recently dropped the top for New York Magazine in a nearly nude spread mimicking Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 final photo shoot.

Also in the top 10, in the really obnoxious big breasts department, not that we mind them, although they’re starting to scare us, was Christina Aguilera (#8) and Go Daddy’s Candice Michelle (#5). In the really big ass department, Jennifer Lopez (#6) and Beyonce (#9).

In the bat-shit insane department, Britney Spears (#10).

For the complete list go here.

For stories on poker’s Lycos glory days, go here and here.

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