Glum Girl Gromenkova Gone

Glum_girl_wpt_lapcWe just got a text that Svetlana Gromenkova (at right) has been eliminated from the WPT LA Poker Classic, courtesy of poker pro David Singer, who was the Day 1 chip leader and is currently stacked near the top of the field at the Commerce today.

Gromenkova finishes in 50th place and takes $26,170 back with her to Brooklyn.

By the way, now is probably a good time to point out that if Gromenkova’s family is in any way connected with the Russian mob, and they don’t speak English so well, the term "glum girl" is one of endearment. Basically means "sweet" or "precious."

In related WPT LAPC news, Phil Ivey has crossed the million chip mark, Jennifer Tilly is not far behind with 850,000 and unfortunately still just as cold as yesterday, and Phil Hellmuth and his ego have septupled their stack today and now sit in third with 730,000.

In other related news, we kick ass at beach volleyball.

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