Glum Girl Gromenkova is Not Like Other Russian Girls

Svetlana Grumenkova at WPT LA Poker ClassicSince we first reported the other day that Svetlana Gromenkova, aka Glum Girl, was here at the WPT LA Poker Classic, we’ve been hearing from a bunch of people who’ve had run ins with her over the years.

One story is from someone who was reporting on the Legends of Poker at the Bike last August. Apparently Svetlana was heads up with Tony Tan in a Limit Hold’em event when the two discussed a chop.

According to this reporter:

"Once they settled on the deal, my job was to get a bio and a pic of Tony WITH the ring he got for first place. She glanced over to see the pic I was taking and went into a russian mafioso fit!

"I did not know about the ring! I would not take the deal if I did not know there was a trophy. We must play for the ring! American men are hot because they are good providers!" (fuzzy about the last one)

They tell her that the deal is made and Tony gets the ring and she began crying and throwing a huge fit. Mind you, we can’t understand one word that she is saying, but we try to calm her down so she’ll leave. She finally does, but tells everyone that ‘You are evil people.’"

This is pretty much exactly how we’d expect Svetlana to act just by looks alone. The girl just seems bitter, which is exactly the opposite of all the other Russian girls we know and when we say "we know" we mean we just found a second ago on YouTube after searching "hot Russian girls dancing."   Our two favorite videos after the jump . . .

Link to video

Link to video


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