Gowen, Gazes, Grinder, Gavin Among Leaders at WPT Five-Diamond Something Something Doyle Brunson Something Something Classic

The WPT’s Five-Diamond World Poker Classic’s main event, the Doyle Brunson North American Poker Classic, is the longest and most confounding tournament name in all of poker.

There isn’t even a good acronym that works for it. WPT5DWPCDBNAPC? Doesn’t remotely roll off the tongue. Even if you shorten it to the DBNAPC, no dice.

Img_3302_1_2Sooo…a number of players who gave us the opportunity to alliterate the letter "G" in our headline for the DBNAPC. One of them, Clonie Gowen, is right atop the leader board, stacked at 180k. Gowen, who was part of our first BLUFF Magazine WCP Player Power Index, but has since dropped out of the top 5), is not in contention for the Card Player POY award. Segue, however, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi is. The Grinder has been atop the CP POY standings for almost the entire year, and with a stack around 127k after day 1a (and the eliminations of Nam Le and Shannon Shorr, and the short-stacked status of JC Tran), he looks primed to win the award and bank a hefty bonus.

Other big stacks after day 1a include Freddy Deeb (179k), woman Kristy Gazes (150k), Mark Newhouse (134k), Justin "Zee-Justin" Bonomo (120k), and Gavin Smith (105k).

Get full chip counts here.


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