Grant “U2KILLERS” Coombs Among Day 1B Borgata Winter Poker Open Big Stacks

WCP Reader Appreciation Freeroll winner Grant Coombs, at right, chatting it up with Hevad Khan.

Grant "U2KILLERS" Coombs is killing it at the Borgata Winter Poker Open Main Event, ending Day 1B play among the chip leaders stacked at 159,000.

Also still alive with around 38,000 is the hottest girl in poker, Lacey Jones.

The 420 people that survived Day 1B will join the 284 from Day 1A for…math math math…uh, a pretty large Day 2.

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UPDATE: Read some great hand recounts from Grant on his Card Runners blog here.

UPDATE II: More than halfway through Day 2, Coombs has 350k.


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