Grant “U2KILLERS” Coombs Still Alive at Borgata Winter Poker Open


Like Tomer Benvenisti (what happened to that guy) at an all you can eat buffet, it was utter carnage during Day 2 of the Borgata Winter Poker Open Main Event

Despite the deep stacks, the field dropped from 719 to 172. However, they are still 100 away from the money bubble. 

Still alive is WCP Reader Appreciation winner, Grant "U2KILLERS" Coombs. Although he hasn't see TT, JJ, QQ, KK, or AA in two days of play, he's still sitting with 28 big blinds at 233,000. Read his Day 2 recap here

Some big stacks include Frankie Flowers (847,500) and David "Bakes" Baker (798,000). Bill Edler is also still alive but we don't have his chip count. We blame that on the Russians.

Get a full tourney recap here.

UPDATE: The money bubble burst and Grant "U2KILLERS" Coombs has officially cashed, turning his WCP freeroll win into a minimum $4,882 payout. With 100 remaining, Coombs is stacked around 500,000.

UPDATE II: Coombs just got knocked out after the money bubble burst. He got all in preflop with KK vs. TT, and a ten hit on the flop. Brutal. Live poker is rigged.

Still an impressive showing, doing WCP proud.


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