Greenstein Having Twice the Fun

ExcitedgreensteinWe have a hard enough time playing two mid-level online SNGs (Sit N’ Go’s) at once.  So competing in two simultaneous WSOP events with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake is a reach, even with our ample collective imagination.

But then again, we’re no Barry Greenstein.

The Robin Hood of Poker won his second gold bracelet yesterday (Event #19, $1,500 Pot Limit), and with his cash placing already secure in the $5,000 Pot Limit tournament, he is positioning himself nicely for WSOP POY status (won last year by Daniel Negreanu). 

When final table play began for Event 19, Greenstein had the chip lead.  When it ended, he had everyone’s chips.  And in between breaks, he would sit down at the $5,000 Pot Limit game, hit a straight (really happened) and collect enough chips to not only survive, but thrive. 

Maybe we should just download his iPod song shuffle.  There must be some uncanny ability to focus, read opponents, and calculate pot odds hidden in those tracks. 

Other notable finishes for the $1,500 Pot Limit event include: 7th: Chris "Jesus" Ferguson – $16,065, 5th: Tim "I Survived Hellmuth’s Tirade and I’ll I Got Was This Lousy Fifth Place Finish" Martz – $24,110, and 4th: Toto Leonidas – $28,110.

Play resumes shortly in the $5,000 Pot Limit event, where 45 rounders remain.  Notable stacks include: 41) Clonie Gowen – 8,100, 40) Devilfish Ulliot – 9,500, 33) Gavin Griffen – 13,500, 31) Tony Ma – 13,900, 24) Barry Greenstein – 23,900, 22) Thom Werthman – 24,200, 19) Al Krux – 25,000, 16) Ted Lawson – 30,400, 11) Hasan Habib – 37,500, 10) Cyndy Violette – 40,500, 6) Allen Cunningham (this year’s WSOP money leader so far) – 48,800, 4) Erik Seidel (chip leader for awhile) – 54,800, 3) Amir Vahedi – 60,600, and 1) Joe Sebok – 65,100.

(photo credit: Erik Harkins/ Photography)


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