Greg “FBT” Mueller Throws Chips, Not Punches, Eh?

Greg Mueller fights like a . . .   hey there's that girl again
Greg "FBT" Mueller (above foreground) is known for throwing his chips around in tournaments. But not other people’s.

Greg "FBT" Mueller is a big ex-hockey player, which means the following: 1) he’s Canadian, 2) he’s into ice fishing, 3) he wants some of that Internet money, 4) he could probably beat the crap out of you, and 5) he’s not your friend, buddy.

But all of those points were apparently lost on a guy named "Rock" at Commerce Casino recently.

According to a poster (so we’re not reporting this as 100% "true" yet) on that forum co-owned by that creepy old guy, Mueller and Rock got into a cute little chip throwing incident. And edited version of that post is below:

I’m sitting in a 20/40 at Commerce 1 hour ago in the back left of the room where the bathroom and plant foliage is and Greg Meuller is playing some guy named "Rock" heads up in some game, I don’t know which but they only had white 100$ chips. I don’t know who Rock is but he seems pretty crazy and suddenly the room is slightly quieted and all heads turn as Rock starts laughing in Muellers face like a completely arrogant jerkoff, I don’t know why but he probably won a pot with a **** kicker that one upped him, or bluffed Meuller, or caught a bluff.


Mueller couldn’t ****ing take it anymore then hit Rocks stack of chips with his hand, knocking them down. People start to laugh but then are silenced as Rock quickly hits Mueller’s stack then Mueller returns fire by grabbing a bunch of Rocks chips and does a short toss and throws them on the floor.


*Rock grabs huge handful of Gregs 100’s and ****ing flings them practically over our table and in the direction of the planty****/smoking room area* Pandemonium ensues all around as Mueller Rock and casino managers argue with cops standing all around.

Finally they are told they are being kicked out (don’t know for how long probably just a day). Rock doesn’t seem phased at all and even did a big HAHAHAHAHAH cackly laugh again at a Mueller who is obviously shook the **** up and pretty pale faced speechless.

Read the post in its entirety here.

And some guy must’ve gotten camera phone video footage of the chip fight, which you can watch here.


2 Responses

  1. LJ

    July 29, 2008 1:20 pm, Reply

    I’ll put my money on Mueller any day. And btw you need a UFC vid instead of gay bikers at the commerce. lol

  2. snake

    July 29, 2008 1:28 pm, Reply

    Two grown men throwing chips at each other instead of punches seems more like a gay cyclist fight than MMA to us. And funnier to watch.

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