Greg Merson Leads 2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table; Sylvia, Balsiger Remain

The final table played out as expected on Monday. Will Merson finish it off?

And then there were three.

The 2012 WSOP Main Event final table out the way many people expected on Monday night. Most pro’s pros expected Greg Merson to chip up and take the lead. He did, ending play as the big stack with 88,350,000.

The chip leader at the start of play, Jesse Sylvia, avoided any Phillip Hilm-ish disasters and built his stack to 62,750,000.

And the kid everyone thought could make a run, Jake Balsiger, made a run, ending play at 46,875,000.

With that out of the way, here are the 12 STORYLINES WE’RE WATCHING FOR TONIGHT:

  • Phil Ivey showed up briefly, as much as he could be bothered, to root on Greg Merson on Monday. However, Michael Phelps, who was rumored to be in Merson’s cheering section, did not. Now that Merson is the chip leader with three left, will Phelps show?
  • Can Merson finish the drill, win the tournament, dethrone current leader Phil Hellmuth and capture 2012 WSOP Player of the Year honors?
  • What exactly is it about Jesse Sylvia that you people don’t like? We received many texts throughout the night to the effect of, “Not sure what it is but I don’t like Sylvia…” Anyone?
  • Why does Jake Balsiger make us think of this?
  • On that note, will Jake Balsiger do what we’d do if WE WENT TO ASU AND WERE 21 YEARS OLD AND A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE AT THE FINAL TABLE AND FLY IN THE HOTTEST SORORITY ON CAMPUS AND THREE WAY KISS MULTIPLE MEMBERS AFTER WINNING EVERY HAND. Seriously, why is he not doing this? He’d be an insta-legend. Get your shit together, Jakey.
  • Semi-related/less exciting, can Jake Balsiger become the youngest person to ever win the Main Event title?
  • Will whoever is the marketing genius at Ivey Poker who made the most illegible patch in the history of patches just get a thick black permanent marker, a piece of paper, write “IVEY POKER” in all caps and duct tape it onto Merson? Because that would look better than the patch he was wearing last night. Superman couldn’t read that shit.
  • Will Dennis Phillips be sitting in the front row on stage again for no apparent reason other than to mug for a little extra camera time?
  • Will Robert Salaburu come back and do media interviews, or be the only November Niner since Phil Ivey to entirely skip it?
  • Will Ty Stewart randomly invent a new rule like this was an episode of Bachelor Pad and insert Elisabeth Hille or Gaelle Baumann as a “wild card” at the final table?
  • On that note, with Hurricane Sandy either knocking out power or galvanizing people’s viewing attention, what will the rating be for last night’s broadcast?
  • Will PokerPROductions get it together and smooth out some of the sloppiness of the broadcast?

And that’s it for now. Final table is on ESPN prime time again tonight.


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