Greg Raymer Defeats Two Women, Wins Second HPT Title of 2012

We’re not big fans of open borders, but we’ll take a few more Alona Sushynina’s immigrating to the U.S. any day.

Greg Raymer defeated a final table that contained not one but two women (somewhere Ty Stewart is balling) to capture his second Heartland Poker Tour title of 2012.

Back in July, Raymer won HPT’s Route 66 event. Just math math math two months later, he came and conquered a field of 336 to capture the HPT River City Casino tournament in St. Louis. For the win, the ex-WSOP Main Event champ banks $121,973.

Also final table-ing were 21-year-old hottie Alona Sushynina (above), a woman, and 121 year-old Penelope Banhidy, a woman. The two women finished third ($43,908) and fifth ($29,272) respectively.

St. Louis resident, salt-of-the-earth, regular working stiff and all-around good guy Dennis Phillips just missed the TV final table, finishing 7th.

Get full results and payouts here.


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  1. Poker Editorial

    October 3, 2012 3:36 am, Reply

    I would like to congratulate Greg Raymer on his victory at this year’s event; he played an excellent game all week and he was deservedly crowned champion. However, female players Alona Sushynina and Penelope Banhidy should take enormous pride from their endeavours and hopefully their exploits will encourage more female players to take up the game. I can’t wait for next year’s event already and I hope to read more about these two ladies successes’ in the future.

  2. Alan

    October 3, 2012 11:28 am, Reply

    Also final table-ing were 21-year-old hottie Alona Sushynina (above), a woman, and 121 year-old Penelope Banhidy, a woman. The two women finished third ($43,908) and fifth ($29,272) respectively.

    Really 121 year old?

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