Gus Hansen Does Not Win WPT Spanish Championship

Holding the chip lead going into final table play, Gus Hansen was primed to capture his record fourth WPT title.

However, as our lead in to this story (and headline) indicate, that did not happen.

The WPT Spanish Championship final table took place in a castle, similar to the one we own in Scotland that has a moat, draw bridge, and (still actively used) torture room.

Hansen chip lead took an early hit when on hand #21 he called the all-in re-raise of Markus Lehmann. Hansen held As-Ts, Lehmann 8c-7c. Lehmann hit the 8 and won the hand. Hansen was out 15 hands later when his As-Ts this time lost to Ludovic Lacay’s pocket aces.

The tournament was eventually won by Markus Lehmann of Germany, who banked $786,805. Ludovic Lacay finished second ($418,505). The rest of the final table payouts look something like this: Christer Johansson -$214,073, Steve Sung – $166,438, the aforementioned Gus Hansen – $142,621, Vladimir Poleshchuk – $118,945.

In slightly sexier news, below is Kimberly Lansing and Layla Kayleigh doing the Flamenco.


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