Gus Hansen vs. Theo Jorgensen Boxing Match Set For Feb. 21


We were IMing with our Danish friend Jonas Hüttel of Ekstra Bladet last night and he shared this video he did of Danish poker pro Theo Jorgensen training for his upcoming boxing bout with fellow Dane Gus Hansen. The two will duke it out in Copenhagen on February 21 in front of a live audience. The wager: Theo gets $35,000 if he wins, Gus takes $25k for a victory. Word is the fight will be filmed by Hansen’s new web tv site that is set to launch the day of the fight.

While Gus is considered the favorite–he’s younger, in better shape, stays active–we hear he has yet to do much training in the ring. Theo on the other hand has reportedly been training for the past year and has hired a professional boxing coach named Poul Duville. From the video, he looks like he needs the help.

For another video of Theo in the ring, click here. We have know idea what Jonas and him are talking about. We’re not even sure if they’re speaking Danish. Sounds like aliens talking to us.

In other poker boxing news, occasional female poker player Jose Canseco is fighting perennial loser/celebrity boxer Danny Bonaduce this Saturday in Aston, Penn. (where?). While we have about as much interest in this fight as trying to come up with something right now to show how little interest we have in this fight, it should at least be better than the Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams bout.

UPDATE: Ok, when we said the Canseco/Bonaduce fight was Saturday we meant last Saturday, or at least we do now. Time flies when doing meth. Thanks to reader scott diamond for commenting and caring. According to First Cuts, the fight ended in a draw.


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