Guy Whose Name Was Butchered Throughout School Gets Last Laugh

First day of school.

Adams. Adamson. Andrews. Baker. Bueller. Bueller. Carson. Davidson. Franklin. Gonzalez. Harrison. May. Morris. Mancini. Norris. Oswald. Palin. Penis. Perry. Rak–Rajki–Rakoon–Rakumar—

"It’s Rajkumar. Vivek Rajkumar," is what Vivek Rajkumar said.

And so was the life of Vivek Rajkumar.

Until today. Because "I’m rich bitch! Vivek Rajkumar is rich!" is what Vivek Rajkumar is saying right now.

Vivek apparently opened a fortune cookie (video below) that sort of predicted he’d win the WPT Borgata Poker Open earlier today. And he did. Whatever. Take that for what it’s worth. We’ve opened a thousand fortune cookies in our time and we still don’t see beauty in ordinary things, our everlasting patience has not been rewarded, and that thing we lost has not turned up yet.

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