Guy With Girl’s Name Does Something No Man His Age Has Ever Done Before

21 year-old Shannon Shorr, a dude whose name has a kind of female-porn star-ish ring to it, has made POKER HISTORY(!!!) by becoming the youngest person to ever make back-to-back final tables at a WSOP Circuit event.

Shannon_shorr_1Or something.

According to the press release, Shannon, a college student from Alabama, is the “youngest poker player to reach a final table in a World Series of Poker, No Limit Circuit Event at Harrah’s Casino, in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. To top it off, the following day, he succeeded in final tabling another No Limit event, making him the youngest player to ever make two consecutive final tables.”

So he’s the youngest person to make back-to-back final tables at WSOP Circuit tournaments at just Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe? Or all WSOP Circuit events?

It seems perfectly reasonable that Shannon would be the youngest person to make back-to-back final tables at any WSOP Circuit event (or Series event, for that matter), so let’s not short-change the kid.

Whatever Shannon’s “official” feat is, it is impressive.

And it makes us even more bitter that we weren’t born like 10 years later than we were. Freaking kids these days. Lucky bastards.

Shorr also placed fourth in the Aussie Millions, finishing one-spot ahead of FOWCP Jeff Sealey. He’s also already qualified for the WSOP ME next month.

The Main Event at Lake Tahoe starts today.

*Image from Poker Pages


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