Guy With Made Up Name Wins Event #49

ChandrasekharbillavaraChandrasekhar Billavara (at right), who obviously made up that name to avoid the IRS for tax purposes on his winnings or something, won Event #49 ($1,500 NLH) yesterday. It was Chandrasekhar’s first bracelet (as far as we know). For the win, Chandrasekhar Billavara banks $722,914, which he’ll likely get to keep every cent of since he changed his name for tax purposes.

Chandrasekhar defeated Matthew Davidson Club member Taylor Douglas ($467,101) heads-up for the title. Other final table payouts included Johnwillius Huntoblski ($292,476), Bolileandropolis Oppimentel ($189,249), Duwalane Felix-Hernandez ($131,184), Cortney Keebler-Melanby ($96,775), DuRay Spencerlot ($75,270), Gregggggggg Moollerstein ($55,914), and Lewis Titterton ($45,162).

* Photo from Poker News


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  1. james

    July 4, 2007 12:39 pm, Reply

    wow…this is not a name you would expect to fall into the Matthew Davidson Club, but alas, I suppose it is. Two members at one final table!

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