Hachem May Soon Be Worth More than Gold

Hachem_1_2One thing that Jamie Gold haters hate the most, we hear, is that with his $12 million dollar WSOP win this year, he will likely be the all-time money winner for a long time, especially considering many expect the WSOP fields to decrease in size rather than continue its Mongoloidian growth, although some Kool Aid drinkers think otherwise.

Well, it’s worth pointing out that with Joe Hachem’s $2.1 million dollar WPT win at the Five Diamond Something Something Doyle Brunson Something Something Tournament, the 2005 WSOP champ is now over the $10 million dollars in tournament winnings mark, which is just under $2 million dollars from overtaking 2006 WSOP champ Gold, or about one big WPT win away or a couple of nice cashes here and there or to be exact, $1,826,646.

In other Jamie Gold news, U.S. District Court Judge Roger Hunt was scheduled to hear Gold’s motion to dismiss this morning. Leyser’s lawyer had filed a petition last Friday in court, a couple days after Gold’s pop passed away, reasserting his claim that he and Gold had a binding business agreement that required Gold to share half of his WSOP winnings. We’ve yet to hear how the judge has decided. When we do, we’ll report on it right away, give or take a few days, or maybe a week but at least sometime thereafter.


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