Handicap Poker Player Looking for a Bitch

Chi_1Thanks to AJ (formerly) of OddJack for this gem from Craigslist.

Some handicapped international poker "champion" is looking for someone to be his personal bitch. 

In a truly unique and somewhat disturbing listing, the player (presumably whose last name is Sinclair, which if so, might be Chris or Clive–who have "championed" their way to a staggering $27k and 36k in career earnings, (respectively) needs someone to travel with him, his "9yr old son, and a guard dog chihuahua,"Squirt."" 

We’re not making this up.

Read the full listing. And if you think you’re the man/woman/couple for the job, please send us an email at contact@wickedchopspoker.com and let us know how your new, exciting, weird job is going.  Seriously.  You sucker.


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