Happy Birthday To Us


Today, we celebrate one full year of Wicked Chops Poker on this here so-called “Internet.” And so we say thanks to the readers for reading, the players for playing, the haters for hating, the crazy bitches for being crazy, the stupid poker criminals for being stupid, the Weaz for turning out to be a great guy, and of course, the hot girls¬†for being hot (no links needed, just click on any week in our archives and scroll down).

If you’re so inclined to wish us a happy, do so digitally by taking a pic of your pretty, or not so pretty mug, holding up a sign that says “Happy Birthday Wicked Chops Poker” (or Douchebags), and email it our way. We’ll post some of the ones we receive later this week and if you have your own site will pimp it with a link.

– Wicked Chops Poker

p.s. a semi-NSFW, not-sexy-at-all, Hilton sister birthday wish after the jump…



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  1. JSealey

    March 30, 2006 9:35 am, Reply

    You’ve been up for a year…wow. It’s amazing what poker talk, pictures of hot chicks, and a good smart-ass line will do for a couple of guys. Nice work gents.

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