Happy Birthday Wicked Chops In Pictures, Part 2


So we’re being a little self-indulgent with this Happy Birthday Wicked Chops Poker stuff, but hey, we don’t take ourselves seriously enough to care.

We hope you don’t either.

And so we continue with another round of haps doled out by two of our favorite poker ladies, the fabulous Jen Leo and the illustrious Joanne Lutynec.

If you’re unacquainted with Jen Leo you’re a poor lost soul who is so far away from self-actualization it ain’t even funny, or something like that. Jen’s both a lover and a fighter but most importantly a non-stop writer. A woman after our own wicked chop hearts, Leo has penned books with titles such as Sand in My Bra, Whose Panties Are These?, and The Thong Also Rises. Jen’s the photoshop wiz responsible for the image above to the left (complete with Leo and the 3 WCPers) and be sure to check out her accompanying post over at her JenLeo blog.

And while Card Squad’s Joanne had us at “poker,” we have a feeling she’d be more after our own bankrolls than hearts. Joanne’s proven herself to be more than capable at the poker table, writing about tournament strategy over at Card Squad and currently ranked #10 thus far in the WPBT POY race. With Wicked Chops very own Chops currently sitting at #16, stay tuned for an announcement on a little Card Squad/WCP WPBT challenge sometime soon. And by the way, if you’re not reading what Joanne and the Card Squad, eh, squad are dishing out daily, consider yourself uniformed. Joanne, Wil Wheaton and Derek McGuire are a tireless crew with one of the smartest looking and consistently current poker blogs you’ll find.


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