Hard Knock Luck: Jay-Z Rumored to Have Lost $500k Recently in Poker

Jayz3For those who don’t know, rapper/mogul Jay-Z (born Jay-Zee) has been a more frequent presence on the Las Vegas scene, having just opened The 40/40 Club at the new Palazzo extension to the Venetian.

This is good news for high stakes poker players, as money ain’t a thing to Jay-Z, and he likes to gamble.

As first reported by mediatakeout.com here, Jay-Z has recently lost over $500k in high stakes poker games.

Says Poker Listings on one of the crucial hands:

Jay-Z was allegedly holding a pair of queens but his opponent had the nut-flush meaning disaster for the man also known as Shawn Carter.

Watch the RawVegas.tv Daily News for more on the story


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