Hard Rock Opens New Poker Lounge This Weekend with Celeb Laden Event


Tomorrow the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas will officially launch its highly anticipated Hard Rock Poker Lounge.

As part of the big kick-off, the Poker Lounge is hosting a red carpet VIP tournament, with the the winner banking a Hard Rock Chopper motorcycle. The red carpet starts at 5pm and the tournament at 6pm.

Expected to attend include Phil Hellmuth, Scott Ian Rosenfeld of Anthrax, Montel Williams, Andre Agassi, Randy Couture, Jermaine O’Neal, and Paul Pierce.

We also got a tip that three major, major A-listers may also be in attendance. While we can’t name them, we can say that one of them isn’t a fan of Sarah Palin.

This sounds like a great new spot for you degens, as the Poker Lounge will have bottle service, a specialty food menu and plenty of loud music that drowns out any rational thought process you’d normally have while trying to gamble.

We’ll be on hand covering the event. Expect a new episode of The TOKE on it by tomorrow eve.


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