Harrah’s Announces WSOP TV Schedule:
Main Event to Air Before Prelim Events

Harrah’s Entertainment has decided to mix things up a bit.

Wsop_4You, yes you, will now get to watch the World Series of Poker [presented by Milwaukee’s Best Light] on ESPN beginning August 22nd. The Main Event wraps around August 10-12th. So you do the math.

Or we’ll just do it for you: this is much earlier than in year’s past.

And if you can’t wait that long, as we were first to report, you can also watch the final table live via PPV. 

WSOP Circuit events begin airing July 18th. ESPN will then follow with the WSOP ME on August 22nd, airing two episodes a night until September 26th. Beginning October 3rd, ESPN will show the prelim WSOP events, starting with the $1,500 NLH (event #2). The 10 prelim event broadcasts are predominantly hold’em (eight total).  The other two events are the $10,000 Omaha and $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. 

View the full broadcasting schedule after the jump.

And for our readers prone to placing wagers (i.e. all of you), Bodog has released some WSOP wagering lines.  Of note, Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan are listed at 12-1 to win their 11th bracelet. Surprisingly, especially with the increased number of hold’em events this year–the format which he has won all nine of his bracelets–Phil Hellmuth is only 20-1 to win number 10. 

Bodog gives it 3-1 that a woman–yes, a woman–will make the WSOP ME final table. And the site seems to think that the total number of entrants into the ME this year will be around 7501 ‚Äì 7750, as those numbers are listed as the favorite at 2-1. 

Circuit Championships
July 18             8 p.m.                  Harrah’s New Orleans
July 18             9 p.m.                  Harrah’s New Orleans
July 25             8 p.m.                  Showboat Atlantic City
July 25             9 p.m.                  Bally’s Las Vegas
August 1            8 p.m.                  Bally’s Las Vegas
August 1            9 p.m.                  Bally’s Las Vegas
August 8            8 p.m.                  Grand Casino Tunica
August 8            9 p.m.                  Grand Casino Tunica
August 15           8 p.m.                  Grand Casino Tunica
August 15           9 p.m.                  Grand Casino Tunica

World Series of Poker Main Event
August 22           8 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
August 22           9 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
August 29           8 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
August 29           9 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 5         8 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 5         9 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 12        8 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 12        9 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 19        8 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 19        9 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 26        8 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000
September 26        9 p.m.                  Main Event/$10,000

World Series of Poker Bracelet Championships
October 3           8 p.m.                  No Limit Hold ‘Em/$1500
October 3           9 p.m.                  Pot Limit Hold ‘Em/$1500
October 10          8 p.m.                  No Limit Hold ‘Em/$2500
October 10          9 p.m.                  No Limit Hold ‘Em/$2000
October 17          8 p.m.                  No Limit Hold ‘Em/$1000
October 17          9 p.m.                  Omaha/$10,000
October 24          8 p.m.                  No Limit Hold ‘Em/$1000
October 24          9 p.m.                  HORSE/$50,000
October 31          8 p.m.                  Pot Limit Hold ‘Em/$2500
October 31          9 p.m.                  No Limit Hold ‘Em/$2000


5 Responses

  1. BlackSpy

    June 23, 2006 7:47 am, Reply

    We’ll see one more hold’em event than this suggests–the HORSE event will be HORSE until the final table when it will switch entirely to no limit hold ’em.
    So the only televised poker that won’t be hold’em will be the 10k omaha.

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