Harrah’s Officially Dumps the Bodog Girls

Bodogbed_1_2Amy Calistri over at PokerNews.com and our new favorite read, ThePokerBiz.com, are both reporting this morning that Harrah’s has confirmed its advertising policy for the 2007 World Series of Poker, and the un-surprising news is that they will not allow advertising by gaming dot coms who allow U.S. players or their dot net entities.

As ThePokerBiz.com points out, “Gone will be the Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker, and UltimateBet player lounges as well as the endless number of banners and posters that adorned the hallway at the Rio Hotel the last two years.”

Surprisingly though, Gary Thompson, of the WSOP, did tell PokerNews.com that new procedures–to be announced next week–will “contain a new logo policy allowing players to wear apparel with dot.net logos as well as multiple and larger logos.”

Translation: Bodog babes will no longer be allowed to pillow the hell out of poker players while parading around in their pajamas (at least they can’t at the Rio), but they will be able to don Bodog-logoed girlie tanks while playing in WSOP events, which, if the attention Joanna Krupa got at the WSOP last year is any indication, may give gaming sites more bang for the buck. Or at the least, give us a reason to still bring our cameras along.

More photos than you’ll ever need of Joanna Krupa playing poker here and here.

Photos of the Bodog Girls at the 2007 WSOP here. Girls from other sites here.

Completely unrelated photos of Eva Longoria looking stupidly hot in MAN magazine here.



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