Harrison Gimbel Leads Day 3 of 2010 PCA Main Event

Ashley Greene was too busy posing in nothing but body paint on the beach for Sobe to play in the 2010 PCA Main Event.

At the end of Day 3, around 60 players remain at the 2010 PCA Main Event.

Harrison Gimbel, who towards the end of play took a huge pot (and knocked out) Justin Bonomo, took the overnight chip leader, stacked at 2,625,000. He’s followed by Matthew Haugen (2,149,000) and Day 2 chip leader Praz Bansi (2,003,000).

Other notables remaining include but are certainly not limited to Barry Shulman (1,655,000), Eric Froehlic (1,331,000), Amanda Baker, a woman (1,306,000), 9/11 conspiracist/rapper Jeff Madsen (930,000), Robert Mizrachi (876,000), Liz Lieu (536,000), Bill Gazes (288,000), Johnny Lodden (286,000), and Huck Seed (216,000).

Get full chip counts here. More of Ashley Greene in nothing but body paint posing on the beach for a Sobe ad here.


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