Haruna Yabuki is the Wicked Chops Poker Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

Give us a hot Asian girl like Haruna Yabuki over a hot not-Asian girl any day. Or better yet, give us both. Please.

You can thank the group of smoking hot Asian girls we walked by earlier tonight in L.A. for inspiring our pick for this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl. You can also thank our current/first wives. Because if it wasn't for them we'd probably be out closing the deal with the hot Asian girls rather than at home turning Japanese to photos of Haruna Yabuki.

While we don't know much about Yabuki, we do know that she is from Japan and she likes to strip down to her undies and pose for photos. And she looks incredibly hot doing so, which makes her a hero to us. Right up there with firemen, WWII veterans and cheerleaders. For some of her hottest pics, click away at the thumbnails below, and as a bonus, check out these hot videos of Yabuki.


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