Have We Mentioned the Capital of Turks and Caicos is Cockburn Town?

With only 30 remaining, there are 107 eliminated entrants in the WPT Turks and Caicos who have nothing but free-time to spend in the Turks and Caicos capital city of Cockburn Town.

Cockburntown_2Cockburn Town is located on Grand Turk Island. Players likely spend time on long and narrow Duke and Front Streets (side note: Duke Street is not to be confused with Duke University, which is where Vanessa Rousso went to school). The historic 18th and 19th century Bermudian architecture make these Cockburn Town streets truly unique. At right is someone–perhaps Davidson Matthew Club charter member Davidson Matthew–biking down one of Cockburn Towns’ beautiful streets.

The first permanent settlement was erected in Cockburn Town in 1681 by salt collectors, which is not ironic in any way. There is a lot of historical significance to Cockburn Town and the Grand Turk island. Cockburn Town supposedly lies where Ponce de León first laid the seeds of his quest for the Fountain of Youth. And Grand Turk Island could very well be the first place that Columbus penetrated in the "New World."

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