Have You Met the Big Poppa, Jamie Gold?

The first hand of the first episode of High Stakes Poker on GSN was a gem, with Jamie Gold making a move on “Big Poppa” Doyle Brunson on the turn when he had bottom pair and a straight draw while Brunson held the nuts, and it’s now up at YouTube.com, which you can view below. Up For Poker has a transcript of the hand, in part, but watch the video (beginning about 3 minutes in) for Gabe Kaplan’s priceless commentary and for Sheiky and the gang’s digs at the high stakes newbie.


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  1. CJ

    January 17, 2007 11:12 am, Reply

    This week on Poker After Dark, it’s Brunson, Chan, Ferguson, Mortensen, Moneymaker and Gold.
    On the second hand, Gold tried to bluff Brunson again. On the flop, Gold raised with 5-high and Brunson had flopped top pair.
    Brunson, “I’ve seen this picture before.”
    Gold, laughing nervously, “Was I bluffing?”
    Brunson, “I don’t remember.”
    It’s clear, however, that Brunson did remember, and let Gold bet right into him on the turn and river. Gold sheepishly mucked without showing when Doyle called his river bet.
    Texas Dolly 2, Douchebag 0

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