Headline We’ll Use If Annette Obrestad Wins Aussie Millions Event: Annette Obrestad Comes On Top Down Under; Also, Shane Warne Signs Deal with 888.com

AussiemillionsIf we were Stephen A. Smith, we’d start this article by screaming saying, "Let’s keep it real." When Annette Obrestad won the inaugural WSOP Europe Main Event, that pretty much used up all of our "a woman just won a major poker tournament" jokes for the next decade. Because seriously, like that’ll happen again in our lifetime.

So instead of sitting on this one until 2055, let’s just go on record and say that if Annette Obrestad wins the 2008 Aussie Millions Main Event (we reference Annette because she’s the only woman that has shown she can win such an event–PROVE US WRONG ANNA WROBLEWSKI), then our headline would definitely be: Annette Obrestad Comes On Top Down Under. Gold, we tells ya. Gold.

In completely unrelated news, Shane Warne, the controversial cricketer-turned-poker-player, will soon announce a deal with 888.com. Said deal will be confirmed early next week. And that’s the bloody oath!

The opposite of "bodgy" Aussie Millions reporting



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